To Create Fun & Functional Natural Bath & Body Products

Our company, Veritas Soap Co., became a reality when we could not find bath and body products ANYWHERE that didn't contain harmful chemicals, plastics, and dangerous preservatives (benzenes, poly/ethyl/methyl-parabens, detergents, formaldehyde, silicones, petrochemicals, etc.). Now although some of these products have been deemed safe by the Food & Drug Administration, they haven't addressed that most of these compounds when used in conjunction with each other can be caustic and even carcinogenic.

Conscious of the Worlds health and the proverbial "pocketbook", we wanted to create products that nourish, envigorate, empower, and heal, NOT break your bank account. We know there are consumers out there that aren't necessarily concerned with the products they use so we also created items that aren't strictly organic but have natural elements found in nature and only the safest of synthetics. Our colorants are made with natural pigments, ultramarines, micas & oxides, & FD&C colorants (only in a few bars to achieve a certain "look"). We use essential and naturally fragranced oils & resins. Our fragrance oils have been tested for safety, carcinogens, allergens, and skin irritants by The Reasearch Institute for Fragrant Materials. We choose to use Fragrance Oils WITHOUT Phthalates (liquid plastic). Where fresh ingredients are used, we will include either Citric Acid or a preservative that is certified safe for Organic Cosmetics by Ecocert.

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